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We are keen to know what you think about our service. As well as aspects you found useful, we also want to know how we can improve the service. Your input can be anonymous, if you wish, however please note that depending on the nature of the feedback, anonymity may mean we are limited in the action we can take. We appreciate the time you take to complete this feedback form.
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Resources & Publications

Resources And Publications

  • Winter 2023 Newsletter

    Winter 2023 Newsletter

    Stay Warm And Engaged This Winter: Discover The Latest Updates here...
  • Autumn 2023 Newsletter

    Autumn 2023 Newsletter

    Autumn Awesomeness: The latest news from our team.
  • Oct - Dec Newsletter 2022

    Oct - Dec Newsletter 2022

    Seasons Greetings and more...!
  • Aug-Sept Newsletter 2022

    Aug-Sept Newsletter 2022

    Spring has sprung - what's happening at MGCCI..
  • June-July Newsletter 2022

    June-July Newsletter 2022

    What's happening at your local community centre? Lets find out!
  • April-May 2022 Newsletter

    April-May 2022 Newsletter

    Catchup on all that is new with us for April and May.
  • Newsletter March 2022

    Newsletter March 2022

    Catchup on the latest new from Mt Gravatt Community Centre.
  • Newsletter October 2021

    Newsletter October 2021

    Spring 2021 Newsletter
  • Newsletter May 2021

    Newsletter May 2021

    All the latest in the MGCCI Newsletter
  • Newsletter 2020 December

    Newsletter 2020 December

    Catch up with the latest at MGCCI
  • Newsletter 2020 March

    Newsletter 2020 March

    MGCCI's first quarter 2020 newsletter
  • What's On 2020

    What's On 2020

    We faciltate a range of interest, information exchange and capacity building gro...
  • Access and Equity

    Access and Equity

    We are proactive in implementing strategies to promote access and equity for all...
  • Privacy and Confidentiality

    Privacy and Confidentiality

    Mount Gravatt Community Centre Inc is committed to upholding the highest standar...